xTuple ERP Editions Comparison

Features by Edition

Compare the functionality found in xTuple's products here. Costs for licenses, service and support are covered on our pricing page. Use these tips to analyze the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your software. xTuple is ERP for Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile platforms.

  xTuple PostBooks Edition xTuple Distribution Edition xTuple Manufacturing Edition xTuple Enterprise Edition
Database Reporting
International Language Packs
Incidents / Trouble Tickets
ToDos / Tasks
Sales Orders
Accounts Receivable
Purchase Orders
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Shipping / Receiving
Inventory (Single Warehouse)
Item Master Information
Bills of Materials (BOM)
Work Orders
Project Management
Financial Reporting
Multi-Locations in Warehouse
Assemble-to-Order Configurator
Time and Expense Tracking
Multi-Company Financial Consolidation  
Multi-Warehouse Inventory  
Warehouse Transfer Orders  
Lot / Serial Control  
Item Transformations  
Returns / Service Management  
Revision Control  
Sales Order Reservations  
Drop-Ship Purchasing  
Requirements Planning (DRP/MRP)  
Multi-Level MRP    
Master Production Schedule (MPS)    
Bills of Operations (BOO)    
Breeder BOMs - Process Manufacturing    
Capacity Planning    
Lean / Constraint Management    
Integrated 3rd Party Product/Pricing Service (e.g., Trade Service)    
Advanced Sales Margin Handling    
More Sales & Purchase Order Sequence/Structure Flexibility    
Issue Inventory / Ship Directly from Sales Order    
Vendor Special Pricing Agreements (SPA) with Contracts    
Project Accounting-Budget/Financial Reporting ADD + ADD + ADD +       
xTuple Connect - Email, EDI, integration ADD + ADD + ADD +
Fixed Asset Management, Depreciation, Maintenance ADD + ADD + ADD +   
Enhanced Commissions ADD + ADD + ADD +
Quality Control ADD + ADD + ADD +
xTupleCommerce Web Portal Core ADD + ADD + ADD + Discount
License CPAL or xTuple xTuple xTuple xTuple


What is the right xTuple ERP for your company?

That is completely your decision. Our goal is to give you as much information and to show you as much of the product(s) as you need.

Watch xTuple Demo videos on YouTubeThe best way to get acquainted with xTuple is via the informative demo videos: 5 to 10 minutes clips showing various elements of the system.

Watch the videos now


Shared Features

xTuple's applications are a two-tier system: a graphical client built with the open source Qt framework and a server running the open source PostgreSQL database. All include the OpenRPT report writer, which we built as part of the original OpenMFG application and contributed back to the open source community. All of the business logic resides in the database, so there is no middle tier (e.g., Java / application server), and the client is quite "thin" and simple. You do not need a virtual machine or other resource-intensive add-ons.

Because Qt enables a truly cross-platform solution (Windows, Linux and Mac), nothing special must be done to your operating system. No complicated installer, registry settings or anything else will interfere with other applications on your computer. Simply run the xTuple binary out of the one directory where it resides, and you are ready to run your business.

The same xTuple binary can connect to a database for any of our products. Upgrading from PostBooks® to any other xTuple Edition is as simple as running a two-minute script on your database. It also underscores our commitment to maintaining a single code base, where our commercial enterprise customers – and the larger community of open source users – can share and work together in one online hub for all three products.

Understanding Your Needs

Your decision on which product to try will probably turn on two major criteria:

  1.   Specific functional requirements (see below) and
  2.   Whether you require source code to evaluate the software.

If you want the full open source PostBooks® treatment – totally free software, source code for both the classic Desktop GUI client and the database server – then your choice is obvious: Download PostBooks® now. You may have the universal xTuple client binary, the PostgreSQL database server, the PostBooks® starter database to load into PostgreSQL, and, of course, the full source code.

If that seems a bit much, or you want to evaluate more advanced functionality, download the same xTuple client and connect to your own personal trial database in our data center, geographically co-located to you. Request a Free Trial here.